Preparing for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)
Final Assessment. (The Orals)

It is widely known that completing a Coxswain course is not the end of the process in obtaining a Coxswain qualification. There is one final step! - The AMSA Final Assessment.
When you have:

  • Completed your Coxswain course
  • Had your sea time assessed and
  • Submitted your application to AMSA
you are now in a position to sit the final assessment with the AMSA Examiner. This was previously known as the 'Orals'.

The 'Orals' is a process where you attend on a interview basis (in other words you cannot just walk in, you have to make an appointment) and will be asked a number of questions and be given different situations to consider in the operation of a commercial vessel up to 12 metres in length. The question of course is: Are you ready?

For most people of course the answer is NO. That's why our program to give Coxswain candidate's a trial run at the final assessment is so popular.
At All Hands on Deck Maritime Training we have been conducting Coxswain course training since 2002. In this time we have assisted many candidates in preparing for the Final Assessment. We do this by providing you with an online trial assessment and a written report focusing on the areas that you should review prior to attending the Final Assessment with AMSA.

We provide this service to you for the cost of only $79.00 if you want to take just a single assessment or $99.00 (Save $59.00) if you wish to take 2 final assessments.

When you consider that each time you make an application to AMSA it will cost you around $150.00 not including the cost of travel and your time in attending the assessment you will find that this is an extremely cost effective way to make sure you are ready.

The areas of knowledge covered in the online Final Assessment program include:

  1. WH & S regulations
  2. AMSA General Safety Duties
  3. Vessel survey certificates and categories
  4. Fire knowledge
  5. Survival at Sea knowledge
  6. Knowledge of Flammable Liquids storage
  7. Knowledge of Combustible materials storage
  8. Knowledge of handling power/hand tools
  9. Vessel Safety equipment
  10. IALA Buoyage
  11. International & Domestic Regulations
  12. Distress signals
  13. Vessel stability
  14. Weather and Tidal knowledge
  15. Vessel SMS and VOM's
  16. Vessel manoeuvring
  17. Engine start up and shut down procedures
  18. Knowledge of Fuel, Cooling, Bilge and Battery systems
  19. and much more!

The AMSA Trial Final Assessment has a time limit applied and when undertaking it you should treat it as the real thing. There is no time to go to study material at this stage. We are going to be straight up with you at this point in saying that when you click on the button below to take the AMSA Trial FinalAssessment you either know it or you don't.

When you have completed the AMSA Trial final Assessment we will send you back a report identifying where you may need further study, if any, and giving you the opportunity to gauge whether you believe you are ready to sit and PASS the real AMSA Final Assessment.

At just $79.00 you will find that this is fantastic value and a process that can save you almost 6 times this amount in having to go back multiple times, which people do, for the AMSA Final Assessment.

If you would like to undertake the AMSA Trial Online Final Assessment please complete the payment below:

For 1 online Assessment the cost is only $79.00

For 2 online Assessments the cost is only $99.00 (Save $59.00)

On completion of payment you will receive the following:
1. A receipt for you payment.
2. An email response with access to an online final assessment.
3. A written report identifying your results and the areas that require further study